The Farm

Laceys Family Farm is situated in the heart of the Chilterns, a location designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty which we all appreciate every day and do all we can to conserve it. We take environmental matters very seriously and are currently enrolled on the Environmental Stewardship Programme supported by Natural England to ensure that we look after the land and wildlife for today and future generations.

We are primarily a Dairy farm based on our pedigree herd of 120 Guernsey cows who are perfectly suited to the chalky soil of the Chilterns to produce wonderful creamy milk. The cows have distinctive soft brown and white colourings and are a constant feature of the scenery – you have seen the cows now try the milk!!

Guernsey Cattle out a Grass

Our Guernsey Calves on the Spring Grass

The Guernsey breed, originating from the Guernsey Channel Island of its name sake, is a hardy docile breed perfectly suited to dairy farming here on the chalky soil of the Chiltern Hills. They are fawny to brown colour with white patches, angular features and large udders for the females. In 1936, Percy Lacey bought the first three Guernseys to the farm and we have bred them here ever since. Today, 2013, we have an established herd of 120 pedigree cows, served by one pedigree guernsey bull and one Angus bull.

In order to produce milk, cows must be bred. We work closely with the English Guernsey Cattle Society to identify positive traits, ready to carry the breed forward to the next generation.

Did you know the gestation period for a cow is 9 months, the same as for a human? Those cattle lucky to be born a girl will grow here and be folded in to the herd to munch grass and frolic in the sun. Boy cows are reared on the farm and cared for until they are big enough to go to market, unless they happen to be born a particularly desirable stud bull...

Many people do not realize that Guernsey is to Milk as Angus is to Steak. The milk is richly flavoured, textured and coloured with a host of nutritional benefits not found in more commonly available milk markets. For more more information about the nutritional benefits of Guernsey milk, please see the milk comparison section.

Milking Parlour

Milking happens twice a day 365 days a year

Harvesting Wheat with our combine for cattle feed