Our award winning dairy products use the milk from our pedigree herd of Guernsey cows and produces milk, cream, ice cream, yogurt and cheese that are available in the Farm Shop.

Guernsey milk is renowned for its golden colour, rich creamy taste and exceptional nutrient content.

The milk is not homogenised so the quality, taste and health benefits are retained. Our products are so good that we were given Gold Stars in the National Great Taste Awards for whole milk and double cream, and we are the only diary in the UK to win these prestigious awards.

Winners of the Cream Awards


We supply a full range of Guernsey milk all with the quality and taste you would expect – locally produced without the food miles!

The cows are milked twice daily, pasteurised and bottled locally on site ready to be delivered direct to the customer. There are no food miles, no waste, just quality wholesome milk produced by your local diary

Available in Whole, Semi-skimmed and Skimmed varieties and 500ml, 1Litre and 2Litre sizes.

To maintain the quality, taste and health benefits of Guernsey milk it is not homogenised so a little cream can rise to the top – just shake gently to disperse – not much effort for the gorgeous taste!

We should all be drinking Guernsey milk! Read more about all the health benefits of Guernsey milk here.


Laceys Family Farm Cream is an award winning cream, taking first place in National Awards for great taste.

Our cream is very versatile and is great for for cooking and baking and sumptuous on deserts and fruits.

Available in Double & Single Cream varieties and 250ml and 500ml sizes. Give the cream a good shake before use!

Ice Cream

Guernsey milk also makes great ice cream. We have some a wide range of wonderful flavours of ice cream including vanilla, chocolate, chocolate mint, strawberry to name a few.